Alta Langa DOCG

A charming production method for sparkling wines of great prestige

With Alta Langa Spumante Rosè DOCG “Silvi”, made with 100% Pinot Noir grapes, Cascina Pastori holds the title of thirteenth sparkling wine producer in the Alta Langa DOCG Consortium.

The characteristics of freshness, with just the right mineral flavour and complexity, make the end product worthy of the definition “The Champagne of Piedmont”.

The area of Piedmont, historically acclaimed for the production of sparkling wines, has played a significant role in the enhancement of the classic (champenoise) method, characterized by second fermentation in the bottle. This method of vinification is interwoven with history and culture and has its roots in 19th century oenology, strongly influenced by the style and the products of neighbouring France.

Today, thanks to the protection and development work carried out by the Consortium, Alta Langa Sparkling Wines are enjoying particularly success at the moment and are known and appreciated throughout the world.

Spumante Alta Langa Orgoglio Piemontese

Alta Langa Rosè DOCG “Silvi” is a vintage sparkling wine made exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes grown in the Asti Langa hills and harvested by hand. The sparkling wine is pink, with a delicate and persistent “perlage”. The olfactory range is harmonious and varied, with elegant fruity and mineral notes. The flavour is balanced, smooth and well-structured, while retaining a pleasant freshness on the palate.