The Estate

Colombo - Cascina Pastori: a passion for wine that makes the heart beat faster.

“A passion for wine that makes the heart beat faster. This was the starting point for a project which has become an increasingly ambitious. Set within the unspoilt Asti Langa countryside, the challenge progressed day by day, year by year, becoming more and more tangible and focused on the future.
I followed just one guiding light: respect for the environment, the natural qualities of which are essential to the authenticity of my work”.
Antonio Colombo

Two lives intersect along their journey to share a fascinating challenge.

It all happened in Bubbio, a small village nestled in the heart of the Asti Langa, where the vine has roots going back to Roman times. Its origins date back to 173 BC, when the legions of the Consul Popilio Lenante conquered these areas.

Here, among quiet woods and unspoilt countryside, internationally acclaimed cardiologist Antonio Colombo found fertile ground to turn his passion for wine into an ambitious plan projected into the future.

After buying the nine hectares of vineyards surrounding Cascina Pastori in 2004, things started moving and the new winery, conceived with the utmost respect for its surroundings, was opened in 2006. However, it was a “casual” meeting in July 2010 that enabled the estate to broaden its perspective. The moment when Colombo and oenologist Riccardo Cotarella came into contact marked the start of the new era of Azienda Vitivinicola Colombo Antonio e Figli, in which Andrea oversees the winery’s daily activities.
Cascina Pastori - Azienda vitivinicola
In this corner of the Asti Langa, winemaking is part of the culture. The nectar of Bacchus, with its ancestral presence, has shaped the history of this region. It is no mere coincidence that Bubbio is the first land to bear the name of a wine. The wine Bubeum or Bubleum was much appreciated on the tables of ancient Rome during the Bacchanalian festivities, as indicated by the inscription on the stone near the Colosseum: “Bubeum east genus et quoddam vinum”.Bubbio - Stemma
The legendary origins of Bubbio shaped the life of the village, helping to build an identity fed by proud traditions, often based upon wine, as proven by the local civic coat of arms, which dates back to a royal decree dated September 6, 1921. On the symbol we see a Roman amphora with the inscription Bubeum and a cluster of Muscat grapes. The motto “Dolcia Promam”, testifies that the amphora releases the aromas of the sweet and sublime nectar made with the Muscat of Bubbio.