The Territory

Pinot Noir as an expression of terroir: identity and personal style

“Pinot Noir is a temperamental grape that creates unique wines only in environments with very particular characteristics. It cannot be compared to Cabernet or Chardonnay, which adapt well to different climates. Pinot Noir demands appropriate choice of clones, control of production per plant and particular attention to vinification in the cellar. Meticulous care and special methods, often kept secret by the producer, are required. It is the grape variety that best expresses the most intimate secrets of a terroir and the sensitivity of the winemaker.”
Attilio Scienza

Pinot Noir is a particular grape and is definitely the most difficult to grow and to vinify, given its poor ability to adapt to any terroir.

Growing Pinot Noir is a demanding test for all those who use this grape to make wine. It is a plant that requires a lot of attention by both the winegrower and winemaker. Pinot Noir needs unique soil and climate conditions, calcareous soils, medium temperatures which are never too high, and moderate ventilation, to ensure constant and even ripening of the fruit. These processes favour the formation of aromas and the typical structure of this variety.
Pinot Nero Cascina Pastori - territorio
At Cascina Pastori, the ideal exposure of the Pinot Noir vineyards allows the mature expression of all the variety’s characteristics. The vines are planted in a vast amphitheater of hills facing south-east, with constant ventilation, optimal temperatures and good temperature ranges. The vineyards are situated in mainly marly limestone, benefiting the from marine origin of the soil.

Meticulous work from the vineyard through to bottling results in Spumanti Metodo Classico and red wines of outstanding elegance and class.