Mó Gheub

The name Mó Gheub (local dialect for hunchback mulberry) reflects the curved shape of the tree it is named after. In the past, these trees were cultivated for the production of silkworms.

The Mó Gheub vineyards is the first to be planted with Chardonnay, which we use to make our sparkling Metodo Classico “André” and the Cardonnay “Silviandre”.

This vineyard is planted in soil with a mixed consistency, with marl towards the surface. The subsoil dates back roughly 18 million years and consists of alternating layers of sandstone and deep blue marl. The altitude of this vineyard is about 230 metres above sea level and enjoys southerly exposure. The characteristics of the soil and climate give the wines great freshness and a tangy, mineral flavour.

The vines are grown in rows, using the Guyot training system, with a planting arrangement of 2.40 X 0.80 metres. The soils are tended with machines and manual labour. No herbicides or irrigation systems are used. The bunches of Chardonnay are picked by hand and placed in 20 kg crates to preserve their quality.