The name Pantalini comes from the historical region where the vineyard is located.

The soil is of mixed consistency. The subsoil was formed roughly 18 million years ago and is characterized by alternating layers of sandstone and the typical blue marl of the Bormida Valley. The altitude of this vineyard goes from 270 to 300 metres above sea level, and it south-westerly exposure gives the wines a great freshness and intense olfactory sensations. Its southerly exposure helps convey a robust structure to our Pinot Noir.

he Pinot Noir grapes from these vineyards, characterized by particular soil and climatic conditions, give us Pinot Noir Doc “Apertura.”

The vines are set in rows and cultivated using the Guyot training system, with a planting arrangement of 2.40 x 0.80 metres. The soils are tended with machines and manual labour. No herbicides or irrigation systems are used. The bunches of Pinot Noir are picked by hand and placed in 20 kg crates to preserve their quality.