The Banchine

The name Banchine takes us back to the past, when this vineyard was made up of small terraces.

This is our historical Pinot Noir vineyard, which is about 80 years old. Thanks to their exposure and age, the vines have huge potential. The Banchine vineyard is planted in soil with a mixed consistency, with calcareous marl towards the surface. The subsoil dates back roughly 18 million years and consists of alternating layers of sandstone and blue marl. The altitude of the vineyard is 240 metres above sea level.

The combination of its southern exposure and influx of sea winds give the wine great freshness, intense olfactory sensations, strong complexity and structure. These attributes lay the foundation for the unique character of Apertura Maxima.

The vineyards are located on the north side of Cassinasco hill. The vines are grown in rows, using the Guyot training system, with a planting arrangement of 2.40 X 0.80 metres. The soils are tended with machines and manual labour. No herbicides or irrigation systems are used. The bunches of Pinot Noir are picked by hand and placed in 20 kg crates to preserve their quality.